Celebrating 70 years of Continuous Growing in Portage County Ohio

The Garden Club of Kent, Inc.

Promotes gardening


The purpose of the Garden Club of Kent, Incl, shall be to promote, within the membership and the community, an interest in and knowledge of horticulture as it applies to the growing of lawns, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

In addition to this educational function, the Club will engage in programs and activities that will inform the public, programs and activities that will inform and benefit students, encourage better gardening practices, promote community beautification, and promote social fellowship among the members of the organization. 

Promotes knowledge


The Garden Club of Kent, Inc., (formerly The Men's Garden Club, Inc. of Kent), was organized in 1947. The club was incorporated in the State of Ohio on January 15, 1957, and is approved and recognized as a public charity and a not-for-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Service Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(2).  

Promotes social interaction


The Garden Club of Kent partners with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, Portage, by donating all plants remaining after our annual sale for their new homeowners and to sell at ReStore Kent.  Visit their webpage at http://www.habitatofportage.org/