Celebrating 70 years of Continuous Growing in Portage County Ohio

Calendar of Events

January and February

Speakers at dinner meetings, September through April. 

Begin planning for Annual Plant Sale

March and April


Finalize Annual plant sale plans

Start seeds for sale

Transplant seedlings 

PRESIDENT'S BANQUET: formal dress encouraged

May and June


Dinner meeting at church.

Transplant seedlings, harden them off, collect donated perennials for sale.

Work daily at Ode to Joy, preparing for sale.

Prepare Community Garden space.

Plant gardens after Memorial Day. 

ALL MEMBERS NEEDED: "Many hands make light work.'

MOTHER'S DAY HANGING BASKET SALE. Friday and Saturday before Mother's day.

ANNUAL PLANT SALE: Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning, ending the day before Memorial Day. 


Awww, June. A slight respite...

Dinner meeting is a PICNIC at the Ode to Joy. Members and guests are welcome. Cost is $5 per person and a covered dish to share.

July and August


Weed and water, weed and water, weed and water!! 

Don't neglect to "water" yourself!!

No dinner meeting in July. 

Special event, if planned, will be announced.


Weed and water and harvest! Yum! Weed, water, harvest, preserve.

HORTICULTURAL SHOW and PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW: friendly competition. Third Saturday of August. Come join us!

 Dinner meeting is a CORN ROAST at the Ode to Joy. Members and guests are welcome. Cost is $5 per person and a covered dish to share. 

September and October


Dinner meeting at church.

Harvest, preserve, harvest, preserve.

SHARE ABUNDANCE with Kent Social Services  and/or Center of Hope. 


Harvest the remains of your hard work. Donate extra to local food banks.

Begin cleanup of your Community Garden. Deadline for cleanup is October 31. Hardware left in the gardens is dangerous to farm equipment. Don't be a slacker! 

Dinner meeting is CHILI/SOUP Cook-off at the Ode to Joy. Bring an entry and enjoy an abundant meal with friends. Costumes and carved/decorated pumpkins also part of the plan. 

November and December


Dinner meeting at the church.


Dinner meeting at the church is Snowflakes and Sugarplums: Holiday baking competition and special dinner menu.