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Webmaster  Updated 1-5-2014
President: Ri
ck Strebler
Vice President: Chico Enin
Secretary: Barbara Feldmann

Treasurer: Leslie Ann Geer
Barbara Harkness 2013 & 2014
Elisa Loveland 2013 & 2014
Judy Woudenberg 2014 & 2015
Andy Greene 2014 & 2015
Helena Parry 2014 & 2015
Appointed Positions
Facilitator: Ron Snowberger
Newsletter Editor: Gail Closs
Membership: Lee Hall
Programs: Dick Abbott
Building and Grounds Management:
Rick Dorr, Bonnie Zuchniak, John Siefer
Standing Committees
Community Awards: Bonnie Zuchniak
Community Gardens: Sue Abbott
Finance: Leslie Ann Geer
Horticulture Show: John Gwinn
Membership: Lee Hall
Multi-Media/Public Relations: Karen Smith
Photography Exhibits: Chico Enin
Newsletter:  Gail Closs
Plant Sale:  Rick Strebler
Programs/Speakers:  Richard Abbott
Buildings, Grounds & Property Management:  
Bonnie Zuchniak, Richard Dorr, John Siefer

Telephone/Attendance:  Harold Myers
Youth Activities/Project Green:

Club Member Awards: President
Constitution: Ron Snowberger
Historian: Ron Snowberger