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  United Methodist Church January: Introduction of new Officers
About The Garden Club of Kent Kent, Ohio February: Plant Sales planning
Community Garden plots
Permanent Garden plots
Dinner 6:30 pm March: President's Banquet
             Award Presentations
Paul and Leah Houser Award and Horticultural Scholarships Reservations required for dinner; April: Plant Sales planning
Mother's Day Hanging Basket Sale
call Chico 330-687-4721 May: Mothers' Day Baskets Sale;
         Annual Plant Sale
Annual Plant Sale
Pre-sale tickets available from members
Program 7:30 pm June: Family & Friends Picnic
2016 Horticultural Show Schedule:
2016 Photography Show Schedule:
Fourth Monday in July: Activities TBA
The Backyard Pest (newsletter)
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November, December
August: Open Horticultural Show
                      Photography Show
             Family & Friends Corn Roast
  Join Us!!  Membership is open September: TBA
  Contact Rick at 330-947-2460 or Lee at 330-673-8659 October: Family & Friends Harvest Festival
Executive Board Meetings November:
Community, Homes, Business Awards
6:00 pm, First Mondays, monthly December: Snowflakes & Sugarplums
                 Holiday Program
  October through April: Restaurant TBA  
Webmaster  Updated 2-23-2016 May through September: Ode to Joy  
President: Rick Strebler                               Vice President: Chico Enin
Secretary: Barbara Feldmann
                      Treasurer: Leslie Ann Geer


Barbara Harkness     Elisa Loveland     Steve  Sumner
Andy Greene     Helena Parry

Appointed Positions

Facilitator:                                                                Newsletter Editor: Gail Closs
Membership: Lee Hall                                                       Programs: Dick Abbott
Building and Grounds Management: 
Bonnie Zuchniak, John Siefer, Brian Loveland
                          Standing Committees
Community Awards: Bonnie Zuchniak               Community Gardens: Sue Abbott
Finance: Leslie Ann Geer                                  Horticulture Show: Betsy Neylon
Multi-Media/Public Relations: Karen Smith 
     Photography Exhibits: Chico Enin
Plant Sale:  Rick Strebler                         
       Telephone/Attendance:  Chico Enin
Youth Activities/Project Green:                        Club Member Awards: President
Constitution: Ron Snowberger                          Historian: Ron Snowberger